Chyngyz Aitmatov high school is one of the leading schools in Central Asia. It has history of 25 years of academic achievements and victories on international arena. Our students get admitted at top universities all around the globe.


Our education services ranked top 5 in Kyrgyzstan by public. We provide best quality education and prepare generation of bright people who will be ready to change the world for the better.


Our students study in best ranking universities in all around the globe. We provide necessary skills both academic and social wise. We believe in equal opportunities in providing best quality education.

Graduation Ceremony 2019

On May 23, a graduation ceremony was held for our lyceum graduates, where graduates were congratulated, medals were presented, and everybody enjoyed an amazing show program accompanied with songs and dances.

Graduation Ceremony 2019

Dear graduates and parents! We invite you to the Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater named after A.Maldybaev to celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2019 from the Bishkek Lyceum named after Ch.Aitmatov! It will be held on May 23 at 17:00. We are looking forward to see You!

Green Card

We implemented one interesting idea for students’ job evaluation at our lyceum. They get red card if they do bad things, and greed one if they do something good. Obviously, every child tries to get more green cards. For example, they organized clean-up in “Dordoi” bazaar and at Shirokaya, Zaisanova and Baikal Streets.

Football Tournament

The football tournament between our students began at our lyceum. Eight teams are formed in this tournament: Group A: MU Leipzig Valencia Milan   Group B: Nice Rubin Galatasaray   Best of luck to everyone!    

Presents of 11th Grade Students

On May 2, students of 11th grade presented 45 books of Chyngyz Aitmatov to out lyceum for the long memory about their class. Thank you, guys!

Guests to Сelebrate the City Day

On April 29, guests of honor visited our lyceum to celebrate the City Day, congratulated the whole lyceum and gave the presents! We thank Roza Torokulovna, Omuraliev Samat and Kabyl Makeshov!  

Education for all, excellence and guarantee for future.