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SAT and TOEFL Majority of top universities, even getting high profile jobs one needs language proficiency exams. Our schools offers wide range of educational programs to assist our students with successful development of language skills. There are several systems for assessing English proficiency in people for whom English is not native language. One of the most popular is the Cambridge exams and IELTS certification. Testing by these standards requires careful preparations, which is not always possible to go by yourself. Experienced teachers of "Aitmatov High School" will help you, if you plan to take: Cambridge exams (level Upper Intermediate) IELTS exams (FCE level). Classes are held on an individual basis. SAT courses are also provided by College Counseling department on a weekly basis. ORT PREPS All-Republican Testing (ORT) is a compulsory examination for applicants entering higher education institutions. ORT is held in Kyrgyzstan since 2002 by presidential decree. The results of the All-Republican Testing are mandatory for admission to all forms of study in universities regardless of the form of ownership. 4 lessons are conducted 4 times a week to train ORT