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Our Mission

Our Mission 

  To cooperate with parents, teachers and students to unlock our learners’ potential, while presenting every child as a competent, knowledgeable, tolerant, responsible citizen, to provide them with all necessary curriculums, including deep learning of the English Language, and to empower them to achieve international success in science, mathematics and social science.


Our Vision

To be recognized and distinguished by educating each of our students in a moral manner, by realizing the potential of each student, especially in Science, Mathematics and social science, by providing an international education of the highest standard through quality, diversity and integrity.


Our Values:

 1. Patriotism 


(pride for achievements and culture of the country, will to contribute to its development);



 2. National Identity


(maintaining culture's specific features, respect to other nations' traditions and customs, tolerance);


3. Harmony in development


(all-roundness, activeness, harmony with the inner world);


4. Active Citizenship



(engagement with community's life, willingness to provide a service for a society and country, ability to voice an opinion in propriety);


 5. Empathy



(comprehension of the inner emotional world of another human for development of more personal relationship);


6. Self-expression



 (creativity, development of rich inner world and originality);


7. Diligence



(willingness to spend time, energy and effort for general social good).