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Tradition is one of the forms of socialization, when norms and values ​​are passed from the older generation to the younger. This is the established way of life, rituals. School traditions are the link that unites teachers, students, graduates and parents. The school tradition for us is when everyone finds purpose in life, feels responsible for his results, has a sense of success and self-confidence, realizes himself as an individual.


  • August meetings with alumni
  • Subject weeks (e.g. math week)
  • Teacher's Day
  • New Year's carnival
  • Day of Medical Worker in Russia
  • Mothers’ day
  • Nooruz (Central Asian New Year)
  • Children's Day
  • Fair of knowledge
  • Last bell
  • Day of Protection of Ecology
  • High school graduation
  • Sightseeing tours (hiking in the mountains, etc.)
Video from Teachers' Day 2018!