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Course catalog

  • The lyceum works according to the curriculum, developed on the basis of the state standard, the basic curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic. In the curriculum, the content, which is compulsory at each level of instruction, remains in the required amount.
  • In addition to the curriculum, the curriculum is supplemented by a variable part-lyceum component (2 foreign languages, the study of subjects of the natural-mathematical cycle in English)
  • The expediency and effectiveness of using the variable part of the curriculum goes as following:
  • Promotes the development of mental cognitive processes, motivational needs of the sphere of personality;
  • Corresponds to the main provisions of the Lyceum's concept;
  • Along with other components, it forms a full-day educational and educational environment.
  • The level of the total workload of students, given the full day of their stay at the Lyceum is optimal
  • Learning programs
  • Specificity of the educational institution predetermined the use of programs of 2 levels of basic and in-depth.
  • Subjects: history, geography, Russian language and literature, Kyrgyz language and literature, economics, PDM are used by the KR programs recommended for general education schools.
  • In the subjects: chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, the programs of the lyceums of european countries are used, close to the state standards of the KR, which have been examined in the KAO and approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the KR.
  • The peculiarity of the curriculum in the subjects of the natural-mathematical cycle and their study in English open wide opportunities for admission to universities to technical faculties of the countries of near and far abroad.
  • In the future plans of the Lyceum, it is indicated:
  • Wide use of modern information and communication technologies in the lessons of humanitarian disciplines
  • Creating a multimedia center with a full set of training for a number of teachers in the workplace
  • The lyceum retains a two-step structure:
  • Primary school (7-9 cells)
  • High School (10-11)
  • Teachers of 10-11 grades organize the learning process in 3 stages in accordance with the principles of self-actualization, individuality, subjectivity, choice of creativity, trust and support.
  • In the 10-11 classes included pre-professional training hours. Lecture, seminar, laboratory work, auction, business game, practical work, credit are the main forms of organization of training sessions in the senior classes.