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The College Counseling Office assists our students in navigating the college application process and understanding their options.

Finding the Right University

College Counseling acts as a resource for students and families during the development of the student’s path. Our college counselors work closely with students, encouraging them to discover their interests, explore possibilities, and take ownership of their college application process. We believe strongly in students identifying and enrolling in the college that best aligns with their personality and goals.

Advocating for Students

Chyngyz Aitmatov High School students enter the college admissions process extremely well-prepared for college. Our college counselors make sure that admissions officers at all types of institutions understand our curriculum and depth of academic programming. They also act as the main point of contact between the students and their prospective colleges and help manage student documents and applications.

Engaging with College Counselors

We invite students of any enrollment status to college counseling presentations and workshops, and encourage them to use the office’s resources leading up to and through the application and selection process.

College Acceptances

Our students go on to a variety of colleges and universities around the globe. Our counselors present the statistics on acceptance rate of our students.